Physiological and biological damages

Oppression and suppression The damaging adaption to suppression coded in our DNA. Social conformity is ancient politics and cultural tyranny. Imbeded into our DNA is the survival code of adaption Existing in a world that we must suppress to survive breeds off springs that will challenge that of you. Your children will be born to […]

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Solutions to everything

The power of choice The effect of action The unknown affected by everything Sorry for the brief listing. So much to say do little time to act upon Please comment Please openly allow for constructive criticisms Please refrain from toxic bullying practice, but please dont be too sensitive we cant discuss and debate in a […]

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Abuse in every level and every way

With the rising amounts of abuse of every level coming to public media and spreading of inequality across the world Abuse against women of every nation Abuse of politic power and the inherent abuse in inequality of capitalism Abuse of sexual culture in every industry Abuse of momentary infliction that causes irreversible and incomprehensible damage […]

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Observance of tradition

Opening up talks about movement of recognizing traditions and adjusting them to suit the need of the growing civilization of social culture. Halloween dates for maximum expense during this growing stagnation in a post recession period after a stagnant growth in a growing market caused by hyperinflation and inequality gap in the 2nd decade of […]

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